Population of Falkland Islands 2017


Current population of Falkland Islands is 3,198 people (July 2017 est.).

note: data include all persons usually resident in the islands at the time of the 2016 census (2016 est.)


noun: Falkland Islander(s)
adjective: Falkland Island

Ethnic Groups

Falkland Islander 48.3%, British 23.1%, St. Helenian 7.5%, Chilean 4.6%, mixed 6%, other 8.5%, unspecified 2% (2016 est.)


English 89%, Spanish 7.7%, other 3.3% (2006 est.)


Christian 57.1%, other 1.6%, none 35.4%, unspecified 6% (2016 est.)

Population Growth Rate

0.01% (2014 est.)

Birth Rate

10.9 births/1,000 population (2012 est.)

Death Rate

4.9 deaths/1,000 population (2012 est.)

Net Migration Rate


Population Distribution

a very small population, with most residents living in and around Stanley


urban population: 77.2% of total population (2017)
rate of urbanization: 0.68% annual rate of change (2015-20 est.)

Major Urban Areas – Population:

STANLEY (capital) 2,000 (2014)

Sex Ratio

total population: 1.11 male(s)/female

note: sex ratio is somewhat skewed by the high proportion of males at the Royal Air Force station, Mount Pleasant Airport (MPA); excluding MPA, the sex ratio of the total population would be 1.01 (2012 est.)

Infant Mortality Rate

total: NA
male: NA
female: NA

Life Expectancy at Birth

total population: 77.9
male: 75.6
female: 79.6 (2012 est.)

Total Fertility Rate


HIV/AIDS – Adult Prevalence Rate


HIV/AIDS – People Living with HIV/AIDS


HIV/AIDS – Deaths